Bezzera Tampers

Bezzera have their tampers specially made for their baskets. Designed with Italian flair, they are unique in the world of coffee tampers!

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Bezzera Wooden Knob Sets

Bezzera have various sets of wooden knobs available to suit the complete range of Bezzera espresso machines from the Bezzera BZ10 through to the Bezzera Strega lever machine.

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Bezzera Italian Porcelain Cups

Bezzera's own porcelain cups are made by Nuova Point, one of the last remaining porcelain manufacturers in Italy. These cups will hold the heat for your espresso or latte. Cups are available in 3 sizes - espresso, cappuccino & latte.

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Bezzera Naked Filter Handles

Bezzera has recently release naked filter handles for their full range of espresso coffee machines including the Domus Galatea, Mitica, BZ10, BZ99.

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Bezzera 1906 Poster

Bezzera 1906 poster dipicting the first time a modern day espresso machine was shown to the world.

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