Bezzera Strega

An entirely new take on traditional lever espresso machines, the Bezzera Strega combines the best of pump driven coffee machines and the pressure profiling possible only with lever-brewed espresso.

Where the traditional lever machine pulled the water for the coffee extraction directly from the boiler, the tank version of the Strega incorporates a pump to fill the lever group through a heat exchanger providing greater temperature stability and pre infusion.

Once the handle is lifted to begin the extraction, the pump stops and the pressure in the group is created by two springs that guarantee a steady pressure and the best extraction of the coffee oils.

Bezzera Strega


The Bezzera coffee machine is in a league of its own - consistently producing fantastic coffees each and every time.

L. Mackney, Brisbane
  • Price: $4,300
  • Bezzera Strega Key Benefits

  • Styling: Classic Italian Styling
  • Traditional Italian styling: Premium craftsmanship & quality
  • Body: AISI 304 commercial grade polished stainless steel
  • Frothing Ability: 1L Jug with 38 second recovery
  • Water/steam: Fully flexible stainless steam & water arms
  • Cup Warmer: Space for 8 cappuccino cups
  • Temperature stability: Dual boiler probe system provides superior safety and greater thermal stability
  • Gauges: Boiler pressure gauge
  • Boiler Refill: Automatic plus safety cutout to prevent machine damage.
  • Additional Functionality: Tank model with vibrating pump
  • Bezzera Strega Specifications

  • Power: 240 V 50-60Hz
  • Element: 1450
  • Boiler: 2L
  • Brew Element: Not Applicable
  • Pump Type: Vibrating Pump
  • Brew Boiler: Not Applicable
  • Group head: Bezzera Traditional Lever
  • Water Supply: 4L Tank
  • Tank Water Level Control: In-built auto cutout and optical indicator
  • Boiler Construction: Heavy Duty Copper
  • Head Heating: Electric Element
  • Handles: Single and double
  • Accessories: Measuring spoon, Group brush
  • Weight: 28 Kgs
  • Width: 330mm
  • Depth: 450mm
  • Height: 710mm

Bezzera Strega In Action

Bezzera Strega Manuals & Docs

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